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The Painted Churches of Texas

The Painted Churches of Texas

The Painted Churches of Texas

Have you ever stumbled across something that totally surprised you and delighted you? That is precisely what I felt the first time I came across The Painted Churches of Texas back in 2005.

Located in an around Schulenburg, TX for the most part, these humble churches, at least on the exterior, cloak a treasure of beauty within their walls.

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(Shops listed in Schulenburg)

Barn Birds 609 Paulus St., Schulenburg, TX 789562.

Evelyn’s Antiques 106 Kessler Ave, Schulenburg, TX 789563.

Once Upon An Antique 523 N Main St., Schulenburg, TX 78956

The Painted Churches 

The Painted Churches Map

Click on image for larger map!

Seven of these churches are all within a half hour drive of one another. Definitely worth your time!

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